• Fitness

    In the World mostly people living in stress which reduce mentally power increase the lack of physical fitness.
    Benefit of active health keeps you in balance with good health. Maintain your proper nutrition want be healthy, Your happiness just behind the fitness. Are you a fitness freak?

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  • What is Fashion


    Lifestyle is a word we throw around a lot but what is it?
    You might think lifestyle is a big house, a yacht, a fancy car but its not look you could be a lawyer, a doctor or a stockbroker making five six even seven thousand dollars a year. You might have all the toys and the title but

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  • Qiuck Tip

    An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
    Stretch Yourself. Your comfort zone is where you stagnate.
    Take Care of Your Health. One of the biggest investments you can make in yourself is your health.
    Learn to Say No.

Dedication for Fitness and Exercise and why they are important

Why Fitness and Exercise is Important for all

Why Fitness and Exercise are Important for all Because Exercises one of the critical things that we can do have a healthy lifestyle.
Even more Luckily there are all kinds that we can choose from. There’s aerobic exercise, jogging, brisk walking, jazzercise classes that type of thing. We’ve got resist weight resistance, stretching.

What is Fashion

Fashion, after hearing this word what first things come to your mind? Clothing, shoes, glasses and many more. Fashion is not about clothing, shoes but it is a combination of all these things. A style is equally important for fashion.
Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.

Fashion Model

Hi there! I am Gaurav. I am 21 and live in Delhi | India

I am a Software Engineer, Fitness Freak and a Fashion Influencer

Fitness and lifestyle is a task to satisfy yourself and I love to suggest everyone about lifestyle and fitness. As we know that staying healthy such a part of happiness. When I choose lifestyle I got realized that what I am today and what I was. So you all need to be aware about fitness.

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