The Best Diet Plan to Keep Your Eyes Healthy This Winter

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The sudden drop in temperature and cold winds blowing outside has arrived in its full swing. While most of us follow ample of ways to keep away from common winter health problems, chances are that we don’t put much focus on taking good care of the most important and delicate part of our body i.e. eyes during these colder months of the year.

If you are one of those who think that eye care is not considered for winters, then please note that it is equally important in this cold season likewise in summers or monsoon. Know why?

Freezing and dry air blowing in the wintertime puts the following threat to the eyes:

  • Eyes become dry and less moisturised
  • Irritation and burning
  • Difficulty in vision
  • Redness and inflammation in the eye area
  • Excess tearing and watery eyes
  • Swollen eyes

These eye care problems are severe for those who already have sensitive, irritated or dry eyes. On that note, I have outlined a few of the best eye care tips that are worth considering. Check them out below.

Stay Hydrated
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Hydration is the cure to almost every health problem. As discussed above, dry weather in the winters sucks out the moisture from the eyes leaving them dry and with an increased rate of irritation, burning, or itching. All of these factors make it essential to drink plenty of water (at least 7-8 glasses everyday) for moistening up the dry eyes and stay away from the eye diseases generated during the cold season.

Manage the Indoor Temperature
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It’s not only the temperature outside that affects your eyes but the high temperature people set indoors too. While warming up might provide relief for a while, sitting in the heat for a longer period evaporates the moisture from the eyes that increases dryness and irritation as well.

It worsens the situation for people who already have dry eyes, as a result, they find it difficult to produce tears. Therefore, you are required to keep your eyes moist by keeping the room temperature moderate. 

Eat Good Food:

By good food, I mean eating food enriched with vitamin A, vitamin C, lutein, and beta carotene that improves the eye vision and help fight various eye problems.

Here are some of the many food items that should be in your everyday diet if you wish to keep your eyes healthy.

  • Green leafy veggies like broccoli, spinach, kale, cucumber etc.
  • Beans, Nuts, and legumes that are a great source of vitamin E (protect the eye from damage as you progress in age) and Zinc, an important mineral found in eyes
  • Citrus fruits enriched with vitamin C like orange, kiwi, lemon, guava, grapefruits etc.
  • Vitamin A enriched food items like Carrot, sweet potatoes, apricots etc.
  • Fresh and chemical-free juices of the above-discussed fruits/veggies

Quit unhealthy eating habits like having unhealthy processed food, sugary beverages and limit your consumption of alcohol for a better physical, mental and spiritual health.

Wear Sunglasses:
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The influence of the sun is same throughout the year. Not only the excessive exposure to the harmful UV rays makes the eye feels uncomfortable, but it also makes them dry with other retina issues.

A smart choice is to wear quality sunglasses that can block UV rays hence cut the sun’s ability to directly harm the eyes. Besides that, wearing UV rays protected sunglasses also reduces the direct contact between your eyes and cold wind blowing outside.

Maintain Healthy Eye Hygiene

It is by far the most underrated eye care tip regardless of the season yet I believe it is the most important. This is because the dust particulates present in the atmosphere gets accumulated around our eye areas that have a major contribution to cause harm to our eyes.

If we keep our eyes clean and remove the makeup before going to bed, chances of eye issues reduce to a great extent. For that reason, wash your face properly simply with water before sleeping and observe the noticeable change by yourself.

Perform Eye Exercise

We are often glued to the computer screen, TV or our beloved smartphones without which we can’t imagine our life even for an hour! Right? Well, you are not alone since most of us are like this.

But sadly, it gives rise to constant eye strain and other associated eye problems. The dry air and low humidity also contributes to tired eyes that further makes us feel sluggish.

To get rid of this, I have hereby listed a few simple and easy exercises that will help to improve vision and reduce strain in the eyes.

Eye Exercises List
  • Blink: Whenever you feel extra tired, start blinking your eyes constantly that will help you to produce tears and get away the feeling of itchy or dry eyes.
  • Eye Rolling: Likewise, you roll your neck to lower down the stiffness in neck or shoulders, the same you gotta do for eye stretching. All you are supposed to do is close your eyes and move your eyeballs in a circular motion and observe the change by yourself.
  • Massage your eyelids: Before tucking yourself in the blanket, close your eyes and massage your eyelids with your finger in a circular motion to provide relief.
  • Place Your Palm Over Eyes: In order to reduce pain and eye strain, rub your hands to generate heat between your hands and put your palm over the eyes. Trust me, it will take away all your pain and feeling of discomfort. Highly recommended for the workaholic who spends hours sitting in front of a computer.

Other than the recommended eye care tips for winters, you can also follow these easy tips to keep your eyes healthy:

  • Sit away from any direct heat source like a heater to avoid evaporation
  • Use artificial tears that help provide moister to the eyes
  • Use a humidifier to maintain required moisture in the room temperature
  • Keep the eye drops handy to avoid any sudden irritation or discomfort in the eyes
Final Thoughts:

Being careless towards your eyes can lead to excessive damage and in rare cases, the person may loss eyesight too. So, you need to adopt some measures accordingly if you want to preserve and improve your vision no matter what the season is. To be on a safer side, go for a monthly eye checkup to keep the eyes healthy and take enough rest.

Till then, enjoy the winter wonderland and keep yourself winter healthy.

How to Make Habits which Improve Mental Health?

Well! Our health is divided into three types; these are like Physical health, social health, spiritual health, and mental health. Mental health plays a vital role in improving the physiological functions of our bodies. So, in this article, we are going to discuss all the details to improve mental health.

This article is going to be very interesting and informative. So, I am requesting you to stay with us until the end. Let’s start the journey of new knowledge. 

The Top 7 Tips for Improving Mental Health

1. Consult with a Doctor

Although however, common mental state problems are in our society, the topic of the psychological state still carries an enormous stigma. As a result, many of us are reluctant to hunt to facilitate their time of want.

It’s estimated that the 75th of Americans and Europeans afflicted with the psychological states don’t obtain treatment. It’s, therefore, necessary to interrupt this stigma and to consult a medico after you feel one thing is wrong.

Symptoms to appear out for are the loss of craving, wakefulness, persistent low mood, and dangerous thought. Create a habit of treating your mental state a similar manner, you manage your physical health; if you’re feeling unwell, visit a doctor.

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2. Regular Exercise

Much like a decent diet, exercise is some things that are typically related to a healthy body as opposition a healthy mind. However, in keeping with Dr. Michael Craig Miller, prof of medicine at Harvard, exercise may also be extremely useful in combatting depression.

Performing high-intensity cardio exercise for even merely 30 minutes every day will unharness powerful endorphins that boost mood. The prolonged low-intensity practice has additionally been connected to the assembly of neurotrophic proteins that improve brain perform and alleviate depression.

Mental Health

3. Sound Sleep

While several think about sleeplessness to be proof of mental disease, recent analysis suggests that it should be a reason behind poor mental health. Sleep, notably deep sleep, is crucial for maintaining a healthy mind, in step with leading sleep scientists like Berkley’s prof Matthew P. Walker.
Doctors advocate practicing sensible “sleep hygiene” – solely use your chamber for sleeping, cut out the utilization of electronic devices before the hour, and keep the atmosphere fresh and dark. If you continue to have to bother sleeping, think about cutting out caffeine or increasing your physical activity throughout the day.

4. Take a Break from Social Media

Social media could seem sort of a convenient, accessible thanks to confining bit with individuals. However, it also can have an adverse result on your mental state. Recent studies show a connection between repeatedly social media use and symptoms of depression and anxiety. It plays an important role to improve mental health.

Adolescents are notably at risk of the ill effects of social media, warns the Yankee Academy of pediatrics. Try and limit your use to several hours a day, or maybe several days per week.
Make a more significant effort to socialize face to face, instead of on-line, for the most straightforward results on your mental state.

5. Talk about It with Your Favourite one

It is vital to not suppress; however, you’re feeling once handling a mental state issue. The build-up of suppressed feelings will typically cause depression, in line with analysis dispensed by Carrie A. Langner, Elissa Epel, Karen Matthews, Judith T. Moskowitz, and metropolis Adler.
Speak to your friends or family concerning your struggles. Not solely will this facilitate to destigmatize mental state, however, gap up can give you a unique perspective on your situation.
You might even be stunned to seek out how many folks you recognize relate to; however, you’re feeling. You must ne’er want you to wish to struggle alone.

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Mental Health
Mental Health

6. Drink More Water

You might be stunned to find out that hydration will have an enormous impact on your psychological state. Your brain is formed of 75th water, then the loss of hydration will have some severe effects on your mood, concentration, and psychological feature perform.
This was antecedently noted in studies conducted by the University of Connecticut. Suggested fluid intake for adults varies from 2.7 liters for ladies to 3.7 liters for men.

Keep in mind that these figures embody fluids aside from water, and therefore the fluids contained within the food you eat. To remain well-hydrated, begin your day with a glass of water and drink 2-3 glasses of water with every meal.

7. Laugh More

There is a statement, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Happy often will assist you to ease out the effects of depression and anxiety, so says Dr. Robert T. Muller.
Much like exercise, laughter permits for the discharge of endorphins, which might boost your mood. Laughter additionally helps us create stronger bonds with individuals, as recent analysis has discovered.
So placed on your favorite funny picture show, or take a visit bent on a comedy club. You may find yourself feeling higher and making shut friendships in the method.


Friends, this is all about the top 7 Tips for Improving Mental Health these tips surely help you to improve mental health. Here we have discussed all the details about improving mental health.
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What Should I Eat Before the Gym to Build Muscle?

what to eat before gym

Who doesn’t want a muscular body? But, before getting a muscular body, you need to know about the proper diet that you need to eat before the gym. Here, in this article, I am going to cover all the details about this diet. If you want to build such a muscular body, then you should have to follow them.
Friends, if you are a gym lover, then this article is going to be very informative and, interesting for you. So, I am requesting you to stay with us until the end. Let’s start the journey of new knowledge.


You should put it into your mind that when you choose a pre-workout meal, then you should have to be proper knowledge about the micro and macromolecules. In this article, I am going to cover all about these biomolecules, including protein, carbohydrate, and, fats. Actually, these bio-molecules are the primary key to nutrition. So, without these substances, it is quite impossible to build your body.

what to eat before gym
what to eat before the gym

Bio-molecules and, Description of each biomolecule that you need to eat before the gym


Carbohydrates are an essential energy supply
Consuming the correct quantity of carbohydrates before sweat can make sure that the body has enough energy to perform well.
This is true for people partaking in vessel and resistance exercises, among different kinds.

Types of Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates: These are sugars that give a fast rise in energy. A regular supply of those carbohydrates is bread.
Complex carbohydrates: These embody fiber or starch. They supply a slower, a lot of abundant supply of energy. Whole-grain foods are an honest supply of complicated carbohydrates.

What type of carbohydrate should you eat before the gym?

Simple carbohydrates are short sources of energy. If a pre-workout meal includes too several natural sugars, someone could feel a come by power before they end their sweat. Complicated carbohydrates give energy a lot of systematically over a more extended amount.
Complex carbohydrates are parts of foods that tend to be made in nutrients, like beans. Easy carbohydrates are generally parts of foods that have very little or no nutritional worth, like chocolate bars and cakes.

Some Complex carbohydrate foods

  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Brown rice
  • Oats
  • Whole-grain bread


Fats are a necessary energy supply.
Traditionally, medical professionals have suggested against great high-fat meals before exercising as a result of the body digests fats a lot of slowly than carbohydrates. this implies that the body might not be able to break down and absorb fats before an exercise begins

Will Fats help before a workout?

Before an exercise, it’s going to be higher to eat a meal that focuses a lot on macromolecule and carbohydrates than fats.
However, it’s vital to include healthful fats elsewhere in an exceeding diet.
It is also value noting that not all fats are healthful.

Healthy Fat foods

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Olive oil
what to eat before gym
Olive oil


Protein provides amino acids, and each is essential for a variety of bodily functions, as well as the building, maintenance, and repair of muscle fibers.
Eating a meal that contains a large quantity of lean macromolecule before physical exercise will facilitate to boost performance.

Some high Protein Diet

  • Fish, such as salmon and tuna fish.
  • Poultry, such as chicken and turkey species.
  • Nuts and, other natural protein-containing foods.

Why the Protein is an essential diet before the gym work out?

Protein will increase the number of muscle mass gained from a physical resistance exercise.
Intense bouts of resistance exercise injury the muscles; however, full macromolecule will increase the number of amino acids within the body. These work to scale back deterioration, synthesize muscle proteins, and stimulate growth.

Anyone curious about gaining muscle ought to make sure that they receive associate adequate overall daily macromolecule intake.
Research has systematically shown that intense between 1.6 and 1.8 grams of protein for each pound of bodyweight is decent for building muscle.
Many sources suggest great a lot of, however, any further protein is unlikely to form a significant impact on muscle mass.


Friends, this is all about details about what to eat before use. This article contains a lot of data, including these foods and, bio-molecule. From this article, you will get decent knowledge of it. Here, we have discussed the details about these foods with their benefits.
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What is hospice care and what are its purposes

Purposes of Hospice Care

Hospice care and its purposes. The feeling person experiences when they are told that they don’t have much time left on this earth cannot be explained in words. It is a mix of frustration, fear, anxiety, and stress. The thought of leaving their loved ones behind is certainly dreadful. Coupled with pain and long medical treatments, it can greatly deter one’s quality of life. 

Such a situation is not only painful for the patient but their closed ones as well since they experience the same feeling like the patient. In this phase of life, hospice care can make things more comforting and relaxing for everyone. 

There are numerous benefits to this type of care. In this post, we have discussed some of them. 

Round the Clock Care Availability

Hospice care is available for patients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it is Christmas or Easter, the patient gets this type of care every single day. Therefore, in the case of a medical emergency, they can be attended without any delay.

Having round the clock availability of an attendant ensures enhanced satisfaction for not only the patient but their loved ones as well. Even if it is not a medical emergency, the availability of an attendant at all hours of the day is useful since they also cater to various needs of the patient such as food and other routine chores. 

A Relaxing Environment

The environment of the hospital can make the patient more stressful, particularly if they know that chances of their survival are nil. As a result, they lose their will to live and give up on life. On the contrary, the environment created by hospice care is rather relaxing and comforting. As the aim of hospice care is to improve the quality of life of the patient. Such practices are followed to ensure a relaxing environment is created for them.

A point you need to know here is that the environment created depends on numerous factor. Among them, the most important is the selection of a hospice care provider. Therefore, select the best care provider i.e. Good Heart Hospice & Palliative Care for the best results. 

Involvement of Family and Friends

Many studies reveal that the availability of the patient’s near and dear ones has a strong impact on their health. They tend to feel better and the otherwise daunting period of waiting for the last few days of their lives to end becomes less stressful. This is one of the major reasons why hospice care yields fruitful results. As the friends and family of the patient are actively involved in the whole process of hospice. The patient doesn’t feel depressed. Instead, for the sake of their loved ones, they try to stay positive and spend some forever cherishable, memorable moments with them. 


On the monetary front, hospice care is more budget-friendly as compared to other forms of treatments. Even if the patient has medical insurance, prolong illness can burn a hole in their own or their dependent’s pockets. Not only they have to meet hospital bills but pay various other expenses as well. This mostly depends on the nature of the disease they are suffering from.

On the other hand, hospice care is more cost-effective. In most cases, it is covered by insurance. Therefore, the patient and their family do not spend much on the care.  

Comfortable for the Patient

This type of treatment is more comfortable for the patient. There is no unwanted hospitalizations. Moreover, daunting medical procedures and treatments are no longer required. Hence, the patient spends their remaining days in a rather comforting manner. Many hospice care providers such as Good Heart Hospice & Palliative Care can also arrange for this type of care at the patient’s home or nursing home. This further makes the whole ordeal more comfortable for them.

Cater to Spiritual & Psychological Requirements

Treatments are the physical well-being of the patient, hospice caters to spiritual and psychological requirements. It tends to reduce stress and infuse positivity. The patient actively involved in spending their remaining life pleasantly.

To sum it up, hospice care and its purposes is a way to leave this world with dignity. The numerous benefits it offers make it worth trying for people who have given on their treatment and life.